I Don’t Believe In The Voting Process 

​A friend recently asked me who I’m voting for.

This was and will always be my reply:

I don’t believe in the voting process. Why? The system has been corrupt for the past 60 years and will continue to be corrupt so long as the big corporations/conglomerates keep lining the pockets of politicians in order to get huge tax breaks and other financial incentives. Our government is no longer for the people but rather for those who are filthy stinking rich. I know it sounds like a pretty pessimistic outlook, it took me a while to accept such a notion, but to me it is hands down one hundred percent true. Most politicians are bullshit artists who promise the moon but ultimately settle for a clump of contaminated dirt. Yet, people still like to put all of their hopes into one particular person or group because that’s what society is used to. But that’s how tyrants are created. History repeats itself mostly because the average individual is too stubborn to examine existence. I could ramble on and on but it won’t matter much because people won’t change unless forced to change. True change must first come from within. ☺

Recording Process 

​I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks recording new songs with my band Revolt. Our singer got a bunch of new recording gear and software. So, since then we’ve been familiarizing ourselves with every aspect of the recording process. It’s definitely a very lengthy process that requires a lot of patience. I had to rerecord my guitar tracks three times, our drummer had to rerecord twice, our bassist also had to rerecord twice. But now finally everything is coming together! Our singer just started recording his vocal tracks yesterday. After that, it’s just a matter of mixing and mastering everything. We hope to have a new single ready for release in another two weeks, maybe sooner.
In other news, I’ve also been writing and recording more of my own music/spoken word poetry for future solo albums. I finished recording and mixing 11 new tracks last night. My latest album will be titled Zero Plague and will be available on bandcamp.com later today.

Zero Plague 

​Just a drought

Just a famine



Were never


To our







Zero arguments 

Soil life

Just a war




Created by our



To profit off


To profit off death

Just a mistake!

We’ve learned nothing!